OpenReaktor #68 Fintech and stories of success

24 Października 2018, 18:00 (Środa)

ReaktorWarsaw, Warszawa Zobacz na mapie

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On October 24 we're organizing OpenReaktor #68!

On monthly #OpenReaktor events we open up Reaktor, a startup mansion in Żoliborz (Central-North Warsaw), inviting interesting speakers and gathering the whole Warsaw startup scene in one place to network. Hot Pizza, cold beer, great location, wonderful people and fantastic speakers!


18:00 Beer & Networking
19:00 Announcement
19:15 Karolina Sikorska - JedenŚlad - from garage to our streets
19:45 Jarek Sygitowicz - ZenCard - lessons learned
20:15 Olek Widera - Why Traps in Startups are (not) Killing You
21:00 Pizza

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Started as a journalist, I finally became a project manager (coordination of international e-learning projects, managing projects with budgets of several millions PLN). In 2017 I co-founded scooter-sharing startup "JedenŚlad", taking care of mainly operational and customer support activities.


Co-founder of ZenCard.


I have been out there in the capital market for 15 years. First 3 years in pwc in business advisory, then 6 years in mBank in holding and subsidiaries business development manager and finally 6 years as deputy CEO in Ipopema TFI / Asset Management responsible for investment products % sales.
In 2016 along with a group of trusted investors I created Kredytmarket, a Polish lending fintech providing working capital finance to small business owners in a 100% digital process. Kredytmarket launched at the ends of 2016 and since that a time gained trust of hundreds of e-commerce merchants, doctors, freelancers and a whole spectrum of micro entrepreneurs.


Toolbox for HR




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